Welcome to Fuzzy Butt Farm, Fernley, Nevada
Cassandra Peat has been teaching and training horses for 25 plus years. She has worked as a Barn Manager at an Eventing Barn, Riding Instructor both at that facility and at a private school with an equine program , and as a free-lance instructor/ trainer . She has a B.S in Animal Science, and is a grauate of the Meredith Manor School of Horsemanship in Waverly, West Virginia. She has her USDF Bronze medal, and is a member of USEF, USDF, CDS, and shows regularly in Northern Nevada. She offers riding instruction to those interested in using Dressage training to further their horses  physical and mental development, and enhance their communication with their horse.   Lessons are $40 on your horse  for a 45-60 minute lesson, by appointment only. Call 775-750-7952 for more information or to schedule a lesson. My e-mail is Fzybt@att.net.

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